Trans Property has created a new marvelous life, it is the 1st Megablock at Cibubur area, built on 4.2 hectares land. Transpark Cibubur is having a prime location with perfectly and startegically location because many access to get to the major of business center, various public space, school, university and also residential areas it is for those people who have many mobilization. It easy to access highway roads, only 1.5 km from the Cibubur toll exit and only takes 3 minutes from the toll exit. The Crystalline is designed with a modern and luxury concept. Transpark Cibubur offer an easy living with one stop living consisting of world class theme park (Trans Studio Cibubur), first class mall, and star hotel, which make Transpark Cibubur one of the most marvelous apartments in the Cibubur area.

Tower Crystalline

Floor Plan & Typical Unit

  • Transpark Cibubur Floor Plan Crystalline
  • Transpark Cibubur Floor Plan 1 BR A
  • Transpark Cibubur Floor Plan 1 BR B
  • Transpark Cibubur Floor Plan 2 BR
  • Transpark Cibubur Floor Plan 2 BR CA
  • Transpark Cibubur Floor Plan 2 BR CB
  • Transpark Cibubur Floor Plan 3 BR
  • Transpark Cibubur Floor Plan Suite
  • Transpark Cibubur Floor Plan Suite 2


  • Gym Cibubur

  • Gym Cibubur

  • Swimmingn Pool Cibubur

  • Waterfall Cibubur

  • Trans Studio Cibubur

  • Jurassic Park Cibubur

  • Pacific Rim Cibubur

Gallery Promotion

  • IFLY Indoor Skydiving
  • Pacific Rim
  • Bionic Robot Show
  • Jurrasic Island
  • Zombie Wars

Video Promotion

Map Area

Booking Apartment Cibubur

Transpark Cibubur

Transpark Cibubur dibangun di tanah seluas 4,2 hektar. Nanti di dalamnya terdapat Trans Studio Theme Park, Trans Studio Mall Cibubur, Hotel Bintang 3, serta tower apartemen.

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